REVIEW: Bandit (2022) - Starring Josh Duhamel, Mel Gibson and Elisha Cuthbert

Bandit is based on the true-life story of Gilbert Galvan Jr (aka The Flying Bandit). Gilbert Galvan Jr escaped from a prison in Michigan in 1984, he then crossed the border into Canada and went on to rob 59 banks and jewellery stores while being chased by a police task force. He still holds a record for the most consecutive robberies in Canadian history.

The film starts off with Gilbert Galvan Jr (Josh Duhamel) robbing a bank, we get a quick look at his methods and before you know it, we get "Four Years Earlier" flash up on the screen and Gilbert Galvan Jr explaining to the camera what he did. Although we get a bit of 4th wall breaking at the start of the film, this doesn't continue throughout, although the film is narrated by the Gilbert Galvan Jr character.

We find Galvan being sent to prison, and then 6 months later he escapes by literally jumping the fence in the minimum-security prison he had been sentenced to. He manages to get to Canada, where he realises quickly he needs to start a whole new life for himself.

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