REVIEW: NEO: The World Ends with You on PC Steam

"It was just another seemingly ordinary day in Shibuya, but not for Rindo. He could tell something about the city felt different.
When a psychic battle breaks out on the Scramble Crossing, Rindo thought he'd managed to escape it. Until a girl calling herself a Reaper shows up in front of him. "Welcome to the Reapers' Game, kid."
Surely nothing too terrible could happen in a game...
With this thought in mind, Rindo casually joins the game with his friend, Fret. But as they start playing the game, the two start to feel like something isn't quite
right. There's something off about this "Shibuya" they're in!
As the pair grapple with their doubts, they're suddenly confronted with the rule of the Game: win, or be erased.
In this second Shibuya called Shibuya's Undergound (or "UG") they must compete with the other Players to take the top spot and survive.
Will Rindo and Fret be able to return to the original Shibuya...?"

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