REVIEW: Dear Elizabeth (aka Eat Wheaties!) - Starring Tony Hale, Elisha Cuthbert and Sarah Chalke

Dear Elizabeth (aka Eat Wheaties!) is a new comedy drama from Scott Abramovitch in his directorial debut, and it finally gets a UK release on digital on November 14th.

Tony Hale plays Sid Straw, an awkward but likeable guy, one day he is tasked with arranging a college class reunion, it just so happens that he went to school with Hollywood actress Elizabeth Banks, and also dated her friend, as he likes to tell everyone. He wants to invite Elizabeth to the reunion, so contacts her through Facebook. He sends her many messages, without reply, but as he does so he starts talking more and more about his life. Unfortunately, nobody believes that he went to school with her. His work colleagues make fun of him. The more he tries to prove he knew her, and also try to get in contact with her, the worse he makes it, as Elizabeth Banks assistant, who is dealing with his messages and requests, just assumes he is some kind of weird stalker.

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