REVIEW: Whisker Squadron: Survivor on PC (Steam)

Another day and another review, this time we are looking at Whisker Squadron: Survivor.

This is the first game set in the Whisker Squadron universe, and a roguelite shooter from the makers of RACE THE SUN. In Whisker Squadron: Survivor, the action takes place in a continuous corridor setting over the course of 30 minute runs, with a strong emphasis on roguelite survival.

With a variety of feline pilots, ships, and weaponry at your disposal, you may customize your loadout before setting out on a run that only gets tougher with each wave. You can upgrade through a dizzying array of randomly selected upgrades by collecting scrap from your defeated enemies, giving each run a distinctive build.

Whisker Squadron: Survivor, which serves as a prequel to the 2023 space-faring adventure Whisker Squadron.

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