REVIEW: The Crown of Wu on Playstation

The Crown of Wu is a thrilling third-person action-adventure, puzzle game from small 3 person Spanish studio Red Mountain, inspired by Chinese mythology.

The story of The Crown of Wu follows the exploits of Wu, a creature who is half-monkey and half-human. Once serving as the emperor's messenger, Wu's behavior turned chaotic after he began wearing a crown that granted him exceptional abilities. It seems that donning the crown corrupts the wearer's heart, as Wu's misdeeds and brutalities ultimately resulted in his capture and punishment: being frozen in a bio-static solution.

After spending many years in a near-conscious, immobile state, Wu eventually breaks free from his confinement and discovers a world in decline. To make matters worse, his crown has been stolen and is being employed to create a vibration that will culminate in a massive explosion, threatening the extinction of all life. In order to save the world and redeem himself, Wu must retrieve his stolen crown and assist those whom he previously punished. His ultimate goal is to achieve peace.

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