REVIEW: Kill Her Goats (2023) - Starring Kane Hodder, Arielle Raycene and Ellie Gonsalves

I grew up in the days of the 1980s slasher film, most of these types of films were pretty straightforward, scantily clad, ridiculously attractive women, getting picked off by a murderous killer one by one in inventive manners. That's it. And it was fun because these types of film never took themselves too seriously. Unfortunately, such films are rare in the 2020s, but out of nowhere comes Kill Her Goats, a strangely titled slasher that could have been made in the 1980s. Even better the murderous killer is played by Kane Hodder, yes THAT Kane Hodder, one of the biggest stars of the 80s, better known as portraying Jason Vorhees. Well now he has a big goat head instead of a hockey mask.

The film starts off with the murder of a couple of campers by "Goatface", he kills them using huge hedge trimmers, so plenty of blood and lots of bare skin.

We then get a reversal of time effect and an "earlier that day" note on screen. We get to meet Reese (Monica Sims) and Missy (Ellie Gonsalvever) who are gossiping about their friend Audra (Arielle Raycene) who has just come to town. Queue another "earlier that day".....

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