REVIEW: The Siege (2023) - Starring Daniel Stisen, Yennis Cheung and Lauren Okadigbo

Walker (Daniel Stisen), an international assassin, gets exposed during a mission and is sent to "Reassignment Center 42" to assume a new identity, something he has seemingly done many times before. I am guessing that his identity gets blown quiet often. While staying at the facility, a vicious assault team led by Keates (Samantha Schnitzler), raids the compound in search of a missing person, Juliet (Yennis Cheung) as well as her bodyguard/protector Elda (Lauren Okadigbo), as ordered by their boss. In order to make it through the night, after initially deciding he didn't want to get involved Walker reluctantly teams up with Elda, also a skilled hitwoman, and Juliet.

At about 85 minutes, this is the perfect run time for an action film. Despite this being a relatively low budget film, it is chock full of action scenes and stunts, I was pleasantly surprised, as all the scenes were well shot, and came across believable, even if everyone seemed to have an endless number of bullets at times.

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