REVIEW: The Best Man (2023) - Starring Nicky Whelan, Dolph Lundgren and Luke Wilson

Somewhere, a director sat down and thought to himself, "I know what the industry needs. It needs a film about a group of villains breaking into a holiday resort and having to fend off the people present." Now, why he would think that when that exact film has literally been made hundreds of times is beyond me, but alas, here we are. One thing The Best Man has in its favor is a very strong cast. So, is the film any good? Read on to find out.

The Best Man opens with an intense rescue mission, where a team of skilled mercenaries embarks on a daring operation to save an American woman who has been kidnapped in Mexico. Despite their training, the mercenaries suffer losses, including Axel (played by Scott Martin), who sustains a critical gunshot wound to the head and is left for dead.

A year later, the once-kidnapped woman named Brook (portrayed by Nicky Whelan) is now preparing to marry Cal (played by Luke Wilson), one of the brave men who saved her. Cal's cousin Bradley (played by Brendan Fehr) is chosen as the best man for the wedding, and another member of the rescue team, Anders (played by Dolph Lundgren), is also set to attend the ceremony.

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