REVIEW: Fear the Invisible Man (2023) - Starring Mike Beckingham and Mhairi Calvey

We have seen an almost endless stream of movies and TV shows about the H. G. Wells novel "The Invisible Man", so when I heard about yet another film telling the story, I was slightly apprehensive when it came to sitting down and watching, but was I right to be apprehensive, or was I surprised by a decent retelling of the classic story? First thing to note is that unlike other recent films, this one goes back to the Victorian era of the novel, which is a smart decision, last thing anyone needs or wants is a woke reimagining.

The film starts off with a brief scene in which a man is killed by an unseen force, we then get to see Griffin (played by Mike Beckingham) racing against time to finish his experiment. His landlord and a bailiff are pounding on the door, ready to evict him. Moments before they kick in the door, he injects himself with an experimental substance. Suddenly, his flesh and bone vanish, (this is a really cool scene, and without a doubt the highlight of the film, despite being a low budget film, this scene looked decent, if not quite Industrial and Light and Magic type decent) he then escapes, causing an explosion that kills them and destroys his lab.

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