REVIEW: Fool's Paradise (2023) - Starring Charlie Day and Ken Jeong

Time for another review, this time we have Fool's Paradise, which co-stars Ray Liotta in one of his final roles before his death. With something of an all-star cast I was quite interested in seeing what this film had to offer.

In this tale, a man named John Doe (Charlie Day), who is both mute and possesses the mental capacity of a five-year-old, finds himself released from a mental hospital. Sadly, the state can no longer afford to provide him with the necessary treatment. Left to fend for himself, John Doe takes to the streets, relying on the guidance of anyone he encounters in his daily struggles.

Meanwhile, the Producer of a biographical film about the legendary outlaw Billy the Kid faces a frustrating predicament. Renowned method actor Sir Tom Bingsley, chosen to portray the iconic character, stubbornly refuses to emerge from his trailer. This unfortunate situation not only consumes valuable time but also drains the film's budget. In a desperate bid to salvage the production, the Producer decides to enlist a stand-in.

By a twist of fate, the Producer stumbles upon John Doe, who has taken to selling oranges on the street. Struck by the uncanny resemblance between John Doe and Bingsley, the Producer sees an opportunity and hires him as a stand-in for the elusive actor.

We also meet Lenny (Ken Jeong), an aspiring publicist struggling to keep clients since his move to Los Angeles. Determined to find fresh talent, Lenny resorts to underhanded means, bribing his way onto studio lots. In his pursuit, Lenny witnesses John Doe participating in the filming of the biopic and misinterprets his name as "Latte Pronto," owing to the Producer's persistent coffee demands.

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