REVIEW: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023) - Starring Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is back in his fifth and final film, nearly 15 years after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, seems crazy to think it has been that long, and nearly as long as between Crystal Skull and The Last Crusade before that.

Now the main worry about this film is that this is a Disney film as opposed to a Paramount film, and the worry there comes from the fact that Disney has a very bad reputation in recent years for ruining great franchises by making everything woke. Well, I can happily say that this is not the case in Dial of Destiny, yes there are a few "Disney Moments", an attack on capitalism, which is hilarious when you consider how Disney make their money, the odd diversity hire here and there. Other than that, the film felt relatively straight forward like a normal Indy film. But that doesn't mean it is good, to find that out you will have to read on.

The film starts off during the Allied liberation of Europe in World War II in 1944, Indiana Jones (CGI Harrison Ford) and his fellow archaeologist Basil Shaw (Toby Jones) from Oxford find themselves in the clutches of Nazi captors. Their mission to retrieve the Lance of Longinus is interrupted by their capture. At the same time, astrophysicist Jürgen Voller (CGI Mads Mikkelsen) reports to his superiors that the Lance they possess is a counterfeit, but he has discovered a significant artifact: half of Archimedes' Dial. This remarkable device, invented by the Syracusan mathematician Archimedes, has the power to detect temporal fractures (wormholes through time).

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