REVIEW: Ride On (2023) - Starring Jackie Chan and Red Hare

Before we start, let it be known I am a huge Jackie Chan fan, I own pretty much all of his films, so keep in mind I might be a little biased, but I will do my best to be objective.

Ride On tells the story of an old-school Kung Fu Stuntman and his stunt horse, now there is quite a bit of blurring of reality and fiction in this film, although Jackie Chan is not playing a character called Jackie Chan in the film, there are clearly a lot of parallels between the character and the real life Jackie Chan, in fact throughout the film they show you clips from old Jackie Chan films, and there are a few easter eggs in there too, referencing old films.

Meet Lao Luo (Jackie Chan), an exceptional old-school stunt performer who has forged an extraordinary bond with his loyal companion, Red Hare, a horse born with physical abnormalities that he spared from being put down as a calf. However, Lao's life has been plagued by a series of misfortunes. Eight years ago, a severe injury led him to financial ruin, and he tragically lost custody of his daughter, Xiao Bao, due to his divorce from his now-deceased wife while she was still a child.

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