REVIEW: Barbie (2023) Starring Ryan Gosling, John Cena, Rob Brydon and Tom Stourton

Strangely they have released an adult film called Barbie, that is based on a doll made by Mattel for young girls. I felt like I had to watch it, since that is what I do, and I found this film to be something totally unexpected. To find out why, read on.

In the hellhole realm of Barbieland, a bizarre community of bullying, toxic and oppressive Barbies thrive within a matriarchal society. These women are self-assured, narcissistic and accomplished, holding essential positions as doctors, lawyers, and politicians, while their Ken counterparts are held down, treated poorly, left to be uneducated, and ultimately oppressed, and as such they are left to only pursue leisurely pursuits at the beach. Amidst this, we find Beach Ken (Ryan Gosling ), who longs for a closer bond with Barbie but faces her rejection in favour of her being a bully and ruling with an iron fist in what can only be described as a fascistic, authoritarian manner.

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