REVIEW: Resident Evil: Death Island - Starring Matthew Mercer, Nicole Tompkins and Kevin Dorman

Resident Evil: Death Island is a pulse-pounding, action-packed extravaganza that takes the Resident Evil animated series to new heights of excitement and terror. As a fan of the franchise, I can confidently say that this film does not disappoint, delivering a gripping and immersive experience from start to finish.

The storyline, which weaves together multiple timelines and characters in a seamless and captivating manner. The film skilfully takes us back to the harrowing events of 1998 during the Raccoon City incident, setting the stage for the high-stakes action that follows in the present day. The inclusion of familiar faces from the Resident Evil video games, such as Leon S. Kennedy (Matthew Mercer ), Jill Valentine (Nicole Tompkins), and Chris Redfield (Kevin Dorman), adds a nostalgic and satisfying element for long-time fans, while newcomers will find themselves quickly drawn into the engaging narrative.

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