REVIEW: Stray Blade on Xbox Series X/S

Published by 505 Games and made by Point Blank Games, comes Stray Blade, an action role-playing video game.

Immerse yourself in an action-packed adventure and become a master of intense combat while exploring the enigmatic ruins of an ancient civilization. Legends speak of Acrea, the Lost Valley, a wild and potent place, concealed by overgrowth. You play as Farren West who stumbled upon this forgotten realm but met a tragic end. However, fate smiles upon you as you miraculously return to life, but with a cost - you are now bound to this land.

Take up the challenge to reclaim your freedom and embark on a quest to restore balance to this war-ravaged and desolate place, guided by your loyal companion, Boji. Traverse towering throne rooms once inhabited by giant god-kings and explore long-lost cities, unearthing their long-held secrets. But beware, as you delve deeper, even deadlier adversaries will cross your path. Get ready for an adventure that shapes the world, influenced by your discoveries and the raging forces at play.

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