Interview with Boo Rhodes

When did you first become interested in horror stories and movies?

In the early 70s I would sneak up with my brother and watch Bob Wilkins on Creature Features on KTVU channel 2. I was 6 the first time I watched Night of the Living Dead on Creature Features and loved it. I became a fan of horror movies for a long time after. It was only natural because in the States we really celebrated Halloween back then.

At the time I was reading book like Black Beauty because I was really into horses but I think I started liking fantasy when our teacher read The Hobbit to us when I was 11 and my mom, knowing that I loved the Salem's Lot miniseries, bought me Salem's Lot the book with pictures from the miniseries and after that I was hooked on horror books. I think I was 13 when that happened.

What gave you the idea for your channel and getting on YouTube?

You know, I'm not even sure how I found out about the channel URMAKER, but I was listening to him while getting a story ready to send to a magazine and I realized he had tens of thousands of subscribers and was probably making some decent money. I thought how easy it would be so I turned my stories into videos and then realized how difficult it was to get views. I was totally wrong but I enjoy the process and reading to people.

Not all of the stories I tell are mine, but one day I hope to have more time to put more stories of my own out there.

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