REVIEW: The Collective (2023) - Starring Lucas Till and Ruby Rose

"The Collective," directed by Tom DeNucci and penned by Jason James and Matthew Rogers, takes audiences on a journey into the morally complex world of a righteous assassin organization determined to dismantle an impervious human trafficking ring operated by formidable billionaires. While the film follows a formulaic pattern common to direct-to-video thrillers, it manages to deliver moments of intrigue and action that should keep you engaged.

The story revolves around a group of skilled assassins, known as The Collective, led by the authoritative Liam (Don Johnson). Their mission: to eliminate the seemingly untouchable individuals who profit from heinous crimes. The plot introduces Sam (Lucas Till), a rookie assassin whose skills are put to the test through a cleverly staged mission. As Sam is reluctantly assigned to a desk job, he quickly yearns for more meaningful action. His desire to contribute actively to the cause propels him into a dangerous investigation involving the elusive human trafficker Miro Lindell (Paul Ben-Victor), aided by enforcers Daisy (Ruby Rose) and Nikita (Mercedes "Sasha Banks" Varnado).

Despite adhering to a conventional narrative template, "The Collective" offers glimpses into the characters' minds and motivations. Sam's analytical approach (which was instantly remind you of his previous acting role of MacGyver), is showcased well in a scene where he discusses an assassination mission with Hugo (Tyrese Gibson), providing insight into his strategic thinking. While the film treads the familiar path of a novice stepping up and defying orders to achieve justice, it does manage to add depth to its protagonist's development.

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