REVIEW: Contraptions 3 on Nintendo Switch

Contraptions 3 continues the zany tradition of its predecessors, delivering a fun and imaginative puzzle-solving experience that fans of the series will appreciate. This game successfully combines creative contraptions and Rube Goldberg-style mechanics to entertain players with its unique challenges. However, while it offers simple and enjoyable graphics, it also carries some drawbacks that might hinder newcomers from fully embracing the eccentric charm.

The game features over 200 wacky puzzles spread across five distinct worlds, offering a substantial amount of content for puzzle enthusiasts to explore. Additionally, the ability to create custom levels and challenge friends to conquer them extends the game's replayability beyond its premade puzzles.

Each level tasks players with ridding the environment of monsters by crafting intricate contraptions. The core gameplay revolves around arranging objects in a way that triggers chain reactions, leading to the monsters' demise. Players can pause time to reposition, flip, or connect objects, allowing them to fine-tune their solutions before setting the contraption in motion. If executed correctly, a satisfying domino effect unfolds, leading to the monsters' ultimate defeat.

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