REVIEW: The Expanse: A Telltale Series on Playstation

The Expanse: A Telltale Series takes players on an engaging narrative journey through the uncharted territories of space, and while it offers a compelling experience, a few aspects prevent it from reaching the highest ranks of interactive storytelling.

Deck Nine Games, renowned for its work on the Life is Strange franchise, brings its expertise to the fore in The Expanse. The game thrives on the tried-and-true Telltale formula of decision-making, but with a novel twist: it places paramount importance on relationship-building and exploration. As a single-player game, it hands the reins of destiny over to the player, creating a personalized experience.

The game shines the brightest in its moments aboard the Artemis, where conversations serve as the linchpin for significant narrative progress. What sets The Expanse apart, however, is its sandbox-style salvaging segments. These segments elevate decision-making beyond binary life-or-death choices, allowing players to truly shape the story through their actions. This is where Telltale's promise of consequential decisions finds its truest expression, and it's a welcome evolution in the studio's approach.

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