REVIEW: Gust of Wind on PC (Steam)

Gust of Wind is an early access game from Wrenchpunk Games, please keep that in mind, that it is not a finished game.

Gust of Wind offers a captivating story driven game set in a world dominated by mutant gulls. The game's premise is both intriguing and imaginative, as players take on the role of a stealth expert within a team of brave warriors on a vital mission.

First thing you will think of is Assassin's Creed but with mutant gulls.

Gust of Wind has a strong commitment to realism, well as real as you can get with mutant gulls, bringing back a feel of nostalgic old school stealth games. Instead of overwhelming the player with countless indicators, the game relies on the player's wits and cunning to navigate the challenges and levels.

Sneaking through dark corridors becomes an art in itself, where light plays a pivotal role. Guards possess lightness-based sight and hearing, making it both a blessing and a curse as players work their way through the shadows undetected.

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