REVIEW: Minore (2023) from acclaimed director and visual effects maestro Konstantinos Koutsoliotas

"Minore," from acclaimed director and visual effects maestro Konstantinos Koutsoliotas, is a true marvel in the realm of horror cinema. Drawing on his expertise from collaborations on iconic films like "Cabinet of Curiosities," "1917," and "Guardians of The Galaxy," Koutsoliotas delivers an authentically Greek masterpiece that seamlessly weaves terror, folklore, and spectacular effects into a nightmarish tapestry. I say authentic, as I am Greek, so you can trust me on that.

The film introduces us to sailor William, portrayed by the talented Davide Tucci, who sets foot on the shores of Greece with a mysterious purpose. Amidst the vibrant tavernas and lively locals, he forms a connection with Aliki (Daphne Alexander), a trained dancer who is reluctantly working as a waitress in the bustling town. Their pursuit of Teacher whose real name is Nikodimos (Meletis Georgiadis), a master of the bouzouki, becomes intertwined with an eerie mist that heralds the invasion of otherworldly monsters.

As the town plunges into chaos, the film transitions from romantic intrigue, a man searching for the father he never knew, could it be teacher?, to a fight for survival. William and Aliki, joined by an eclectic group of locals, including the charismatic bar owner Pantelis (Christos Callow), must stand against the horrific creatures that emerge from the depths. What follows is an epic battle, encompassing everyone from musicians to tourists, as they unite to preserve their way of life.

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