REVIEW: Quicksand (2023) - Starring Carolina Gaitan & Allan Hawco

Directed by Andres Beltran and written by Matt Pitts, Quicksand takes audiences on a gripping journey through the emotional and physical trials of an American couple trapped in the lush wilderness of Colombia.

The film centres around healthcare professionals Sofia (Carolina Gaitan) and Josh (Allan Hawco), a couple teetering on the edge of divorce. Their strained relationship serves as the backdrop for a harrowing tale of survival and self-discovery. Sofia, a doctor, returns to her homeland after years of absence to deliver a lecture at a conference, accompanied by Josh, who experiences Bogotá for the first time. Leaving their children behind in the United States, will the trip offer them a chance to mend their fractured marriage, or will it literally be the end of them?.

The story takes a dramatic turn during a fateful hike through the rainforest, where they find themselves ensnared in a pit of quicksand after confronting someone stealing their car and then being held up at gunpoint and in their attempts to escape end up trapped and immobilized. From ere they must confront their own personal demons while battling the unforgiving elements of the jungle, trying to stay awake and there is even a giant snake that adds another layer of danger to their desperate situation.

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