REVIEW: Cats and the Other Lives on XBOX

Today we have an unusual game, a point and click game that has been converted to Xbox, that features you in control of a cat within a narrative story.

The story is set after the passing of Bernard Mason, the family patriarch, all the remaining members of the Mason clan return to their childhood home one last time. In this unique game experience, players step into the paws of Aspen, the household cat, embarking on a captivating journey through the hopes, disappointments, and regrets of the enigmatic Mason family, spanning decades of their intricate narrative.

This game offers an interesting point-and-click play style that pays homage to the behaviours of everyday house cats from around the world. As Aspen, you'll explore the simple areas of the house, is this feline companion just a pet or does it harbour a more mysterious role in our lives.

The cat has no special powers or abilities, it is literally just a cat, the object of the game is to unravel the story of the Mason Family. You will listen in to conversations, solve puzzles, and in general do cat things like follow scents, chasing a mouse, causing chaos during family dinners and so on.

The game is rendered in 2D pixel style art.

Also, worth noting that a portion of the proceeds from "Cats and the Other Lives" is dedicated to funding medical operations for street cats.

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