REVIEW: Office Race (2023) Starring Joel McHale and Beck Bennett

Office Race, a 2023 comedy film, pleasantly surprises by defying the expectations typically associated with direct to television comedies. While it may initially seem like just another run-of-the-mill comedy, the movie delves deeper into its characters and themes, striking a balance between all out comedy and funny drama.

The story follows Pat Cassidy (Beck Bennett), a typical corporate worker with little ambition and a strong aversion to running, who unexpectedly finds purpose in long-distance marathon running. The plot takes an unexpected turn when his workplace rival, Spencer (Joel McHale), coerces him into participating in a charity marathon, leading to a series of twists and personal revelations.

Joel McHale and Beck Bennett deliver commendable performances, embodying their characters' dynamics with skill. The film's tone is light-hearted, avoiding excessive cheesy one-liners or outdated humour often found in the comedy genre. Instead, it focuses on a variety of characters, each contributing to the story in their unique ways.

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