REVIEW: 57 Seconds (2023) Starring Josh Hutcherson and Morgan Freeman

"57 Seconds," directed by Rusty Cundieff, is an American indie science fiction thriller that delves into the intriguing intersection of technology, health, and time travel. Based on a story by E.C. Tubb, the film follows the journey of Franklin Fox (Josh Hutcherson), a tech blogger obsessed with the potential of advanced AI technology to revolutionize health. Sneaking into a conference by powerful CEO Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman), Franklin ends up in possession of a mysterious ring that can send its wearer 57 seconds back in time, setting off a moralistic tale of choices, power, and consequences.

The plot is anchored by Hutcherson's portrayal of Franklin, a character torn between the allure of newfound abilities and the ethical implications of his actions. Morgan Freeman's Anton Burrell serves as a contrasting figure, embodying the struggle between good and evil within the film. The limited budget is apparent in the film's visual execution, but considering the constraints, it's more constructive to focus on the film's storytelling and ambitious ideas.

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