REVIEW: SAW X (2023) - Starring Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith

"Saw X," the tenth installment in the iconic Saw film series, offers a fresh perspective on the Jigsaw legacy while staying true to its gruesome roots. Directed by Kevin Greutert and written by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, this film takes a bold step by serving as a direct sequel to the original "Saw" (2004) and a prequel to "Saw II" (2005). With an $13 million budget, the filmmakers embarked on a journey that would both satisfy long-time fans and intrigue newcomers to the franchise.

Tobin Bell's performance as John Kramer/Jigsaw continues to be a highlight of the series, and in "Saw X," he delivers what is arguably his best performance in any of the films. Bell's portrayal is essential to the Saw franchise's success, and it's clear that without his commanding presence, these films would not have achieved the same level of popularity.

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