REVIEW: Fingernails (2023 Film) - Starring Jessie Buckley and Luke Wilson

"Fingernails," the 2023 American science fiction romantic drama directed and co-written by Christos Nikou, largely propelled by the commendable performances of its lead cast members. The film takes a daring leap into the realm of unconventional storytelling, delving into a unique societal premise that involves a peculiar love test requiring the sacrifice of a fingernail. While the narrative unfolds with intriguing ideas and solid character portrayals, it occasionally falters, particularly for those anticipating a more extravagant science fiction spectacle.

The story follows Jessie Buckley's character, Anna, a school teacher who joins the Love Institute, a recently established company founded by Luke Wilson's character, Duncan. The institute's mission is to guide couples through relationship-strengthening exercises, ultimately leading them to pass the eccentric love test. The central conflict arises from the negative impact the test has had on relationships, causing an increase in breakups and divorces.

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