REVIEW: Pretty Girls Escape PLUS on PC (Steam)

Familiar readers of our site are likely aware of my track record with reviews from the "Pretty Girls" franchise, and today, I'm excited to delve into the 21st installment – Pretty Girls Escape PLUS. As is the tradition with these releases, the formula remains simple: take a classic game, give it a modern twist, introduce new gameplay elements, and sprinkle in some Japanese anime-style charm. It's a straightforward recipe that consistently delivers enjoyable experiences. Given my past positive reviews of Pretty Girls titles, the question remains: can Pretty Girls Escape PLUS uphold this trend? Read on to discover the answer.

Pretty Girls Escape PLUS serves as an enhanced edition of its predecessor, boasting new characters, stages, and revamped dressing room features.

The game itself, Pretty Girls Escape, falls into the escape block puzzle genre. Players navigate character blocks through challenges, aiming to clear stages by eliminating connected blocks of the same color. The strategic movement of blocks left and right guides the character blocks to the exit. Each stage introduces various obstacles, adding complexity to the puzzle-solving process. The goal? Achieve a high score by erasing as many blocks as possible with minimal moves.

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