Interview with T. R. Napper - By David Kempf

T. R. Napper is a multi-award-winning science fiction author, including the prestigious Aurealis three times. David caught up with him for a chat.

When did you first see the original Alien?

After I'd read the Aliens tie-in novel by Alan Dean Foster, and watched Aliens the film. Which is to say, I can't precisely remember, as my most formative experience with the universe was the second film. I read the tie-in novel first, because I was too young to see Aliens, and my consolation prize was being allowed to read the novelisation.

So, it wouldn't have been until the 90s that I watched Alien. My only regret is I never got to see it fresh, uncomprehending the horror of what was about to happen during the chestburster scene at the dinner table on the Nostromo.

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