REVIEW: Leave the World Behind (2023 Film) - Starring Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon

"Leave the World Behind," the 2023 American apocalyptic psychological thriller film, is a frustrating experience that falls short of its potential. Despite promising elements, the film is marred by a lackluster plot, numerous flaws, and an inconsistent focus that ultimately leaves viewers unsatisfied.

The plot follows Amanda Sanford (Julia Roberts), a misanthrope, and her family as they embark on an unplanned vacation to Long Island. The film takes a dark turn as they encounter a series of unsettling events, including a blackout, mysterious strangers, and the breakdown of technology. As chaos ensues, the family grapples with the realization that a political coup may be unfolding.

The film's strengths lie primarily in Julia Roberts' performance as Amanda Sanford. Her portrayal shows early promise but is unfortunately overshadowed by the film's political overtones. Mahershala Ali delivers an ok performance as G.H. Scott, but the stand out is Kevin Bacon who really should have been given a much bigger role.

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