REVIEW: Wish (2023 Film) - A Lackluster Attempt at Disney Magic

Wish, the 2023 animated musical fantasy film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, falls disappointingly short of the enchanting storytelling and captivating magic that Disney is renowned for. Despite its promising premise, the film stumbles through a poorly written script, lackluster jokes, and a recycled feel that leaves viewers longing for the genuine Disney magic of the past.

The story revolves around Asha, a 17-year-old girl in the kingdom of Rosas, whose pursuit of uncovering the truth behind the wishes granted by King Magnifico leads to a series of lackluster events. The plot, though initially promising, suffers from rushed storytelling, an underdeveloped villainous arc, and a predictable resolution that fails to deliver the emotional impact expected from a Disney film.

One of the film's saving graces is the animation, which, at times, showcases the quality expected from Disney Animation Studios. The anthropomorphic ball of light named Star and the talking animals bring moments of charm, but these are not enough to salvage the overall lackluster experience.

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