REVIEW: Laika: Aged Through Blood on Xbox

Laika: Aged Through Blood, developed by Brainwash Gang and published by Headup Games, is a masterfully crafted action-adventure Metroidvania (Motorvania?) that delivers a unique and emotionally charged experience. Set in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by anthropomorphic animals, the game follows Laika, a mother coyote on a perilous quest to save her people and protect her family.

The game's standout feature is the exhilarating vehicular combat on Laika's fast and agile motorbike. The seamless integration of high-speed racing, daring jumps, and slow-motion shootouts adds a dynamic layer to the traditional Metroidvania gameplay. It's a testament to the developers' creativity that they managed to bring such an intense, unique and engaging experience to the genre.

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