REVIEW: Badland Hunters (2024 Film) - Starring Ma Dong-seok

"Badland Hunters" plunges viewers into the rugged, adrenaline-soaked terrain of post-apocalyptic Seoul. In Heo Myung-haeng's directorial debut, this South Korean dystopian action film offers a rollercoaster ride of excitement, though not without a few rough patches.

At the heart of the story is Nam-San, portrayed with conviction by Ma Dong-seok, a seasoned wasteland hunter, and his steadfast companion Choi Ji-wan, brought to life by Lee Jun-young. Together, they brave the harsh landscapes, scavenging for essentials to sustain their struggling community. But when Su-na, played with daring by Roh Jeong-eui, falls into the clutches of the nefarious Dr. Yang Gi-su, played adeptly by Lee Hee-joon, the stakes skyrocket, propelling Nam-San and his allies into a perilous mission to rescue her.

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