REVIEW: Bring Him to Me (2023 Film) Starring Barry Pepper, Jamie Costa, Liam McIntyre, Rachel Griffiths and Sam Neill

"Bring Him to Me" emerges as a gripping Australian crime saga, captivating viewers with its gritty narrative and relentless suspense. Directed and produced by Luke Sparke and penned by Tom Evans, the film delves deep into the murky moral waters of loyalty, betrayal, and survival within the criminal underworld.

Centered on a seasoned getaway driver, portrayed with raw intensity by Barry Pepper, the story unfurls as he becomes entangled in a perilous game orchestrated by a merciless crime lord. Entrusted with delivering a suspected traitor, compellingly portrayed by Jamie Costa, to the boss, the driver grapples with his own conscience amidst a hazardous journey fraught with unforeseen obstacles. As tensions escalate and loyalties waver, the very essence of trust is thrust into the spotlight, unveiling the true depths of human nature in the face of adversity.

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