REVIEW: The Island (2024 Film) - Starring Michael Jai White and Gillian White

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean, 'The Island' plunges viewers into an electrifying narrative of revenge and action. Michael Jai White takes center stage as Mark, a seasoned LAPD officer whose past and present collide when a merciless cartel leader, Manuel, portrayed with chilling intensity by Eduardo Costa, commits a horrifying act of violence on the island where Mark spent his formative years.

The brutal murder of bartender Akeem, played by Tristan Duncan, at the hands of Manuel serves as the catalyst for Mark's quest for vengeance. This senseless act not only fuels Mark's rage but also reopens old wounds, as he grapples with the tragic loss of his infant child and the strained relationship with his ex-wife, Akilah, portrayed by Michael's real-life spouse, Gillian White.

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