REVIEW: Lift (2024 Film) - Starring Kevin Hart

"Lift," directed by F. Gary Gray and penned by Daniel Kunka, boasts an A-list ensemble led by Kevin Hart as Cyrus, the brain behind daring heists. Despite its stellar cast and promising premise, the film struggles to leave a lasting impression.

The tale unfolds with Cyrus masterminding two audacious thefts: nabbing a prized Van Gogh in London and orchestrating the faux kidnapping of N8, a prominent NFT artist, in Venice. Their goal? To boost N8's NFTs' value using the proceeds from the stolen artwork. However, their plans take a sharp turn when Interpol agent Abby Gladwell (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) uncovers evidence linking Cyrus's crew member Denton (Vincent D'Onofrio) to the heist. Instead of facing charges, the crew is coerced by Abby's superior, Commander Huxley (Sam Worthington), into aiding the capture of billionaire Lars Jorgenson (Jean Reno). Jorgenson is scheming a colossal stock manipulation alongside hacking group Leviathan.

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