REVIEW: Sunrise (2024 Film) Starring Alex Pettyfer, Crystal Yu, William Gao, Kurt Yaeger, Olwen Fouéré and Guy Pearce

"Sunrise," helmed by Andrew Baird and penned by Ronan Blaney, unfolds its horror narrative against the backdrop of a quaint blue-collar town nestled in the Pacific Northwest. The tale initiates with the emergence of a mythical forest entity dubbed Red Coat, reputed for its ability to confer immortality in exchange for grisly sacrifices. At its core, the plot delves into the clash between Joe Reynolds, a bigoted local tycoon portrayed by Guy Pearce, and the Lois, an Asian American family steadfastly refusing to yield their land to his greed.

The film commences with Reynolds' brutal slaying of Mr. Loi in a surge of fury sparked by the latter's refusal to succumb to his land-grabbing schemes. From there, the narrative unfolds, following Mrs. Loi, Yan, and their offspring as they navigate a treacherous terrain of intimidation and violence orchestrated by Reynolds in his relentless pursuit of their property. Amidst the chaos, a frail stranger named Fallon, embodied by Alex Pettyfer, materializes on their doorstep, prompting Yan to extend her healing touch. Fallon's arrival casts a veil of enigma over the Loi family's predicament, entwining them further in the web of Reynolds' mounting threats.

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