REVIEW: Wanted Man (2024 Film) - Starring Dolph Lundgren and Christina Villa

"Wanted Man" unfurls as a pulse-pounding action-packed thriller, running just shy of 80 minutes. Dolph Lundgren takes the helm as Johansen, a seasoned detective whose old-school tactics have fallen out of favor within the department. Assigned with the mission of bringing back a crucial witness, Rosa, portrayed by Christina Villa, from Mexico, Johansen finds himself plunged into a perilous game of pursuit.

The tension escalates when Johansen realizes that the murders of two DEA agents, witnessed by Rosa, are merely the beginning. Ensnared in a maze of deception and treachery, Johansen must navigate the perilous landscapes on both sides of the border, where adversaries lie in wait at every corner. As they uncover the truth behind the assaults, Johansen and Rosa stumble upon a shocking revelation: the culprits aren't just ordinary criminals but are actually tied to American forces.

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