REVIEW: Damsel (2024 Film) - Starring Millie Bobby Brown

"Damsel" weaves a captivating tale of dark fantasy and adventure, skillfully directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and penned by Dan Mazeau. At its core lies the story of Elodie, brought to life with remarkable depth by Millie Bobby Brown, who embarks on a treacherous journey after accepting a marriage proposal from a charming prince. Little does she know, her betrothal is a ruse to settle ancient debts owed by a royal family.

Thrown into a harrowing predicament, Elodie finds herself imprisoned in a cavern alongside a fire-breathing dragon, voiced with haunting allure by Shohreh Aghdashloo. As she grapples with survival, Elodie's character undergoes a compelling transformation, evolving from a naive maiden to a resilient heroine driven by sheer determination.

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