REVIEW: Paperman: Adventure Delivered (2024 Video Game) - Xbox

"Paperman: Adventure Delivered" is a charming 3D co-op platformer that follows the journey of Paperman and his team as they embark on a quest to retrieve stolen mail and defeat a greedy dragon. With colorful worlds to explore, secrets to uncover, and golden letters to collect, players are in for an exciting adventure filled with fun and challenges.

In celebration of their one millionth delivery, Paperman's post office decides to send out special golden letters to their most loyal customers. However, when a greedy dragon steals all the mail, including the golden letters, Paperman and his team must embark on an adventure to retrieve them. With the dragon's ancient magic threatening their mission, Paperman and his team must do everything in their power to reclaim the stolen mail and ensure it's delivered.

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