REVIEW: NeoSprint on PC (2024 Video Game Released on Steam)

NeoSprint, Atari's modern revival of the classic "Sprint" series, brings back the nostalgic thrill of arcade racing with vibrant graphics, precise controls, and a variety of game modes. The game captures the essence of its predecessors while adding contemporary features, including a customizable track builder and multiple biomes, enhancing the visual and gameplay experience. Players can switch between classic top-down and dynamic camera angles, offering different perspectives as they master drifting and drafting techniques across various pre-made and user-generated tracks. The Campaign Mode, Grand Prix, Obstacle Courses, and Time Trials provide ample solo content, while the multiplayer mode allows up to eight players to race together, ensuring hours of chaotic fun.

However, the track-building mode can be somewhat cumbersome, requiring precise placement of track pieces within a limited grid area, which might frustrate players seeking creative freedom. Despite this minor drawback, NeoSprint's overall execution is impressive, with nine customizable car types and the ability to share and rank tracks within the community, ensuring endless replayability. NeoSprint successfully merges nostalgic appeal with modern enhancements, making it a must-play for both fans of the original series and new players seeking an engaging arcade racer.

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