REVIEW: Reunion (2024 Film) Starring Billy Magnussen, Jillian Bell and Jamie Chung

"Reunion," directed by Chris Nelson, is a 2024 American comedy mystery film featuring Lil Rel Howery, Billy Magnussen, and Jillian Bell. The plot revolves around a high school reunion that turns deadly when the host, Mathew Danbury, is found murdered amidst a snowstorm that isolates the guests. The ensemble cast navigates a web of past grievances and motives, with each actor bringing a unique flair to their roles. Despite the intriguing setup and atmospheric tension, the film struggles with uneven pacing and a reliance on improvisation, which sometimes detracts from the narrative cohesion.

While "Reunion" offers some genuinely funny moments and a charismatic cast, its resemblance to the TV show "The Afterparty" and the improvisational approach leave it feeling somewhat unoriginal and disjointed. The film could have benefited from a stronger script to support the comedic elements. Nevertheless, it explores themes of nostalgia and the lingering impact of high school dynamics effectively, making it an entertaining, if not particularly memorable, watch. 

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